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October 9, 2018: Google Analytics

On Oct 5 2018 I replaced Poore's Google Analytics tracking ID (which was likely no longer recording data for him anyways due to the different domain name) with my own in order to begin to better evaluate what kind of traffic this site is seeing, as this site is currently costing me ~$50/year for just the domain name and dedicated protected IP (not including its share of the host server's base rental fees, which is being used for a multitude of different purposes and so the exact portion of that server's >$360/year in rental fees which are attributable to this site is highly uncertain) and I'm not going to throw >$50/year away endlessly if nobody is actually using this site, especially since it generates absolutely no revenue with which to offset its operating expenses.

It is still quite early, but the preliminary results are moderately encouraging, and it looks like Google Analytics will be able to provide me with enough data to make informed decisions about what the next steps to take with this domain will be. Parsing my nginx logs, while still somewhat informative, was still extremely limited compared to a proper analytics solution like GA. I knew that the site was seeing a relatively high level of requests per day compared to some of my other projects, however this website is structured totally differently from said other projects, requests are not even close to equivalent to actual users or pageviews, and I needed more firm information — which now I have. The question of what to do with it is another topic altogether...but for the time being, this site will definitely stay online, as the GA data has shown that it is indeed seeing an acceptable level of use.